Carolina N/T Small Tire Racing Productions
2020 RULES

Carolina N/T Extreme 275/295
Any Suspension, No Bars
Stock appearing body lines, No ProMod Body
Big Block NOS 5.0 2,300 weight
Big Block NOS 5.2 2,400 weight
Big Block NOS 5.3 2,450 weight
Big Block Single turbo 2,550 weight (Any size )
Big Block Twin turbo 2,700 weight (Any size)
Big Block ProCharger 2,525 weight (Any size)
Big Block Roots 2,650 weight
Big Block Screw 2,700 weight
Small Block Roots 2,400 weight
Small Block Twin Turbo 2,600 (Any size)
Small Block single Turbo 2,400 (Any size )
Small Block single Procharger 2,400 (Any size)
Add 50 pounds to Hemi/481X
Cast blocks, Cast heads 50 pound weight Break

Carolina N/T Small Block Boost 275
single Turbo (Any size)
Single ProCharger ( any size )
root blower
stock appearing body lines any rear suspension ,NO bars
No billet Block , No billet heads Cast heads blocks only, NO ProMod or Pro Stock bodies

Carolina N/T 4.8 NOS 275
Stock appearing body lines .
Billet heads & blocks are good for this class NO ProMod or ProStock bodies !
No Weight rule ! Any rear suspension No Bars (NOTE will run this class at some selected events !)

Carolina N/T Small Block NOS 275
stock appearing body lines any rear suspension no bars ,NO ProMod & ProStock bodies ! No Weight rule !

Carolina N/T 275
5.0 NOS max ,Small block single Turbo ,Small Block procharger, small block twin turbo 76mm only
Billet heads & blocks are good No ProMod bodies ,No ProStock Bodies , stock looking body lines , no bars

Carolina N/T Junior dragsters
The NT Jr. Dragster Class will run under the following rules:
12 Year Old Minimum Age
18 Year Old Maximum Age (Must be a legal Jr. Racer)
.400 Pro Tree
Minimum Weight: 400 lbs (Following Run)
No Power Adders
Flat Top heads motors only